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Flex-Soft (No-Cut) offers single-color self-weeding transfers without the need of expensive printers. This unique material comes in over 20 colors and offers stunning metallic-colours, fluorescent neon-colours and all-time popular standard colours like white, red or blue. Which one is your favourite? Save yourself time and the hassle of weeding. Even the most complicated design is “weeded” and transferred onto your garment within three minutes. Faster production, more possibilities and all that in a cost-efficient manner.


Brillant colours, best washing results. Thanks to 2-Paper-System from FOREVER.


Just choose a coloured A-Foil ansprint your design mirror inverted on A-Foil and press it to the tiling B-Paper LowTemp. Now separate both bows as long as they are hot. Because of the B-Paper LowTemp, you now have more white covering on your design. That leads to not only to more opacity on dark textiles, but also improves the washing consistency. Place your design on your textile. Both steps happen at the same temperature. The transfer tolerances are very high, so processing mistakes will be reduced, which allows the user a huge measure of flexibility.

Flex-Soft (No-Cut)

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